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Tenor Ukulele

Tenor Ukulele normally have a scale of about 430 mm. Tenor Ukulele are commonly tuned in g-c-e-a (alternative tunings: d-g-h-e oder a-d-fis-b). They have a wide dynamic range. Mids are balanced with bass and trebble. Tenor Ukulele is available with High G or Low G depending on what you like or what you need. It is allways good to have one instrument with Low G and one with High G. A so called Super Tenor or Tenor Longneck has normally a wider body and / or a longer scale.

Concert Ukulele

The Concert sized Ukulele normally come with a mensur of about 380 mm. The regular tuning is g-c-e-a (alternative tuning: a-d-fis-b). Due to the smaller body there is more trebble sound than bass. With the right woods it can cope more or less the same dynamic range as a Tenor sized Uke. Due to smaller dimensions, the playability of a Concert Ukulele is a bit more difficult than with a tenor (depending on the size of your hand). To avoid that, to chose a Super-Concert or Concert Longneck might be an alternative.

Sopran Ukulele

The Sopran / Soprano Ukulele normally comes with a scale of about 350 mm. The regular tuning is g-c-e-a (alternative tuning: a-d-fis-b). Due to the smaller body it lacks a bit of bass sounds (in comparison to the larger models). Also due to smaller dimensions, the playability is a bit more difficult than with larger sizes (depending on the size of your hand). We would not recommend a Soprano to adult beginners. If you want a Soprano Ukulele a Soprano with Longneck might be an option. It ads space for your finger and a wider dynamic range.

Baritone Ukulele

Normally a Baritone Ukulele will come with a scale of about 500 mm. Other than the other sizes, a Baritone Ukulele is tuned to d-g-b-e (similar to the high 4 strings of a guitar). You can use all the chords from the c-g-e-a tuning but a played G-Chord is a D-Chord on a baritone. Due to the length of the scale and the low intonation a Baritone Ukulele produce a very warm sound. Definetly a try.

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