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Mako Ukulele - handcrafted in Hawaii

Mako.mp3 (865.18KB)
Mako.mp3 (865.18KB)

Mako (translated: shark) is the theme throughout the whole Ukulele. Mako Ukulele are one of the rarest in the world and little is known about the luthier but as the instruments are built on the highest level of craftmanship and art, it must be a very experienced luthier. 

If you look at the fretboard and neck horizontally you can see the form of a shark with its eye on the 17th fret and the headstock acting as a tale finn. Overall the Ukulele is built with so much attention to detail, that it will take some time to discover everything. An instrument built to perfection. A striking abalone purfling on the top, fretboard and headstock, a fantastic shark inlay in the headplate and a beautiful rosette with Abalone and mother of pearl are suportet with top and back binding from brasilian ebony. The radiussed fretboard from Gaboon ebony is binded by brasilian ebony. The neck is joint in spanish style and is reinforced with a graphite rod for added sustain.

All in all an exceptional Tenor Ukulele with a perfect design, high attention to every detail and a fantastic bright Hawaiian sound with rich deepness. The premium Koa back and sides are breath taking and the cedar top provides a beautiful mellow warm tone.

This Ukulele was preowned and has very little signs of playing. It is in overal very good condition.

It comes with a solid case.

Price CHF 3'190.00 - or make us an offer       go to the shop

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