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Romero Creations - handcrafted in Vietnam

Romero Creations is a label of the famous guitarist family Romero. Under this label high quality instruments are built in Vietnam. The family itselfs takes care that the quality matches all expectations.

With the Replica Series the custom build Ukulele from Pepe Romero Jr are covered. The inner structure, the shape and the headstock are exactly the same as on the custom build Tenor Ukulele of Pepe Jr.. But yes - there must be a difference to the much more expensive custom builds: the replicas are a bit heavier and have a high gloss finish and the materials are slightly cheaper then on the Custom Tenors. Nevertheless, with the Replicas you'll get in every aspect an high quality Tenor Ukulele that you hardly will find in this price range.

The Mahagony Replica comes with beautifully shiny Mahagony which is bound on top and back with deep black ebony. The Top has a beautiful Abalone purfling and rosette. The fretboard is rather wide leaving much space for your fingers. The mahagony neck is joint to the body at the 12th fret. This gives the instrument a perfect balance and ist the best method for a perfect tone.

The quality is perfect with attention to every detail. This Uke comes with a high quality Softbag.

REMARK on B-Stock: This available Ukulele has a small crack in the finish. The wood is not cracked. It is on the back of the Ukulele and approx. 5cm long (last of the pictures)

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Check out a video on youtube about the Romero Creations Replica Tenor and a video with Daniel Ho playing the Romero Creations Replica Tenor: