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NueNue Ukulele - Beautiful Instruments made in China


aNueNue created with its "Bird" Series an incredible Ukulele. The quality in regard of manufacturing and material is outstanding. So it is no miracle that the sound of this Uke belongs to the best and even many higher priced instruments get in trouble in comparison to the Bird.

aNueNue US1K.mp3 (868.24KB)
aNueNue US1K.mp3 (868.24KB)

This US1K Soprano Ukulele comes with Hawaiian AA Koa body. The radiussed fretboard is easy to play and the sound is very well balanced and very rich for a Soprano model. The slim headstock with very precise tuning machines and the beautifully chosen bindings underline the classic appearance of this Soprano Ukulele. In regard of tonal quality, playability and appearance this is one of the best Ukes in regard of value versus price. Grab your chance!

The Ukulele comes in its beautiful original blue hardcase!