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Pahu Kani - handcrafted Ukulele from Hawaii

Many Halican is one of the most outstanding Luthier on the Isle Ohau of Hawaii. His Ukulele are different! Completly new ideas and new designs. But in every Ukulele he puts an incredible amount of soul and attention for details. (Video by Jonah Davis)

This Custom Tenor Ukulele built from breathtaking Hawaiian Mastergrade Koa is named after the Plant Monstera and it's its leaf inlayed in the fretboard. So the fretting stops at fret no. 14. Take it or leave it.

The black pickgard is made of plastic but with its piano high gloss finish it suits very well and supports the classy style and does a good job.

Soundhole in the Soundboard? Forget it. A huge soundhole in the side creates an intimate relation between the Ukulele and the player. This Ukulele don't want to cry out loud - though it can. She is a hidden gem, a plant with so many details like red and green purfling lines, a fretboard hovering over the body, a beautiful neck from figured butternut, laminated bridge, Gotho Stealth Tuner and so much more. 

A Ukulele to discover and play with. We consider it to be more a Low-G instrument, though High-G is a welcome alternative.

The neck is not the thinest - but it's shaped in a way that it is surprisingly easy to play even with its flat fretboard.

She is not very lightweight but very well balanced. The sound is deep and warm. A Ukulele for any playing style and music type.

The quality is on the highest level.

This Ukulele is for the Ukulele lover at heart. It is so incredible different and extraordinary that it suits any collection of Ukulele. A must have seen, must have play and must have heared.

It comes with a solid case

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