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Kula Ukulel - handcrafted in Hawaii.

Kula_Taz.mp3 (876.2KB)
Kula_Taz.mp3 (876.2KB)

This Custom Tenor Ukulele is completely made from mastergrade Mango wood (exception: fretboard / bridge). Mango wood is relatively sensitiv for climate change - especially if it is worked that thin like this Ukulele. This Ukulele has some minor signs of use and has been drastically reduced in price. No previous owner than us. No warranty on this instrument.

This Custom Tenor Ukulele is breath taking. Crist Pung is known for reaching the limit and sometimes go beyond. His Ukuleles usually are masterpieces in art and tonation. Absolutly astonishing.

On this specific Tenor Ukulele the tasmanian devil TAZ is the main theme. Beautiful inlays from pearl, abalone, wood, purflings and colours. Breathtaking full solid Mango wood with exceptionally coloration. Black, yellow and red purfling all around. Special headstock design. Headless chicken on the fretboard which was biten by TAZ. Masterpiece in art, design and sound. Considered the work in this instrument it is a bargain.

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Follow this link to a video of the ukulelefriend from Hawaii: