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Kamaka Ukulele, traditionally handcrafted Ukulele from Hawaii (USA)

Kamaka is one of the famous traditional Ukulele manufacturer in Hawaii. The family owned workshop creates beautifully built Ukulele with the utmost standard of quality. Many famous artists are supported by Kamaka.

Beautiful Kamaka HF4 Baritone Ukulele available:

Kamka_HF4.mp3 (773.96KB)
Kamka_HF4.mp3 (773.96KB)

Kamaka HF4 Baritone Ukulele. Beautiful All solid Hawaiian Koa Body. Warm and well balanced tone with lots of sustain.

This Baritone had one previous owner but was rarely played and has nearly no sing of use. It comes with its original Kamaka hardcase.

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