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Grenosi - handcrafted musical instruments from Austria

Be smart - buy ecological! That is not the only quality of this extraordinary custom Ukulele. Handmade in Austria only local wood was used on that instrument. Superb craftmanship meets a magical sound.

Gregor Nowak, also known as "Luthier of the hearts" is famous to build his own style. No copies of any famous shapes or jigs. Everything is designed and engineered by his own. For this particular instrument - an Austrian Guitar of Luthier Reisinger - dated to the 1920's - was the inspiration and the concept has been translated into a stunning Ukulele.


The following Sound Sample is with tuning LowF-A#-D-G:

The body shape is very vide with quiet slim sides. Very special: the free floating fretboard over the soundboard. This enhances the response on the soundboard and makes fingerpicking a breeze.
The overall appearence is very simple and represents the taste of the 1920's. Eventhough beautiful local wood makes the appearance exceptional. Spruce top, pearwood side and back, elderwood neck, binding and headplate veneer from walnut, rosette from black poplar and fretboard and bridge from Robinia. As usual in the 1920's the finish is a french polish (Schellac). Modern geared tuners care for the perfect tune (Der Jung).
The sound is bright and rich with fantastic projection and a good sustain. The articulation from loud to quiet is fantastic. Even the fretboard is flat it is so easy to play and suits well the fingerpicking as the strumming.

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