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Barron River Ukulele - Custom Ukulele from Australia

I come from Down Under my love... Allen McFarlen is a passionate Luthier in Cairns Australia. We fell in love with his hand crafted Ukulele under the brand Barron River.

A Day with Barron River Guitars and Ukulele. Video from 2014 by Ukulele Jay

BR_Lilly.mp3 (898.86KB)
BR_Lilly.mp3 (898.86KB)

On this Barron River Custom Tenor Ukulele, Back and sides are from mastergrade figured Australian Blackwood with a Lutz Spruce Soundboard. Lutz Spruce is a hybrid from white spruce and sitka spruce. It appears where both species come together in coastal areas in southern-central Alaska and Britisch Columbia. The neck is Spanish Cedar - light and stiff. It is joint to the body at the 12th fret. Binding is from Babinga. The headstock inlay is made from faux ivoroid, Koa and maple with hand scrim shaw.

The sound is fantastic clear and warm with excellent sustain and perfect projection.

This jewel comes with a solid case.

This beautiful Barron River Custom Baritone Ukuele has a beautiful mellow warm tone. We tuned it to F-A#-D-G. If you put a Capo on the second fret you'll get a normal LowG Tenor Tuning - but play it without and you'll get one of the sweetes sounds available. 

The body is made from Tasmanian Tiger Myrtle wood. The Soundboard is Alaskan Western Red Cedar. The neck is made of Sapele wood. The reddish binding is Curly West Australian Jarrah wood. It's an absolute stunning instrument with a very classic appearance. The neck is joint at the 12th fret what is normal to classical guitars.