Ukulele-Shop of Switzerland
Life is too short to play a weak Ukulele

Terms & Conditions

We are a very small shop located in Switzerland, specialized on high quality Ukulele and other stringed instrument.

The company is registered with the identification number CHE-497.895.54 in the commercial register of Switzerland. It can be verified here

All sales and shipments are done out of Switzerland. VAT is applied where applicable. 

Shipping cost will be charged at cost. Please be aware that import cost in the country of destination may occur and must be paid by the buyer. Import restrictions might occur on specific wood or materials. Please check your import restrictions prior to your purchase. The seller is not liable for items that get stuck at customs in the country of destination. However we do our very best to fullfill all requirements to ship the items to you without any hassle. So far we never faced issues in regard with custom clearance.

We have a no return policy. If you decide to buy - you decide to keep. 

All new instruments have a two year warranty against production errors. The warranty does not appy for damages caused by wrong handling ore storing. Wood is sensitive for climate changes. Keep your wooden instrument in constant humidity between 45 to 65 %. Especially when storing in a case check the humidity frequently. Damages from unsufficient humidity or temperature are not covered by the warranty.

No warranty on preowned instruments available. However - all instruments pass our quality check prior to shipment.

All purchases are payable prior to shipment. Payment by banktransfer is preferred. Payment with Paypal or by CreditCard (SumUp) is available with a slight surcharge. Items can be paid upfront if you decide to pick the items in our shop.

Should you have any concern or if you are not satisfied with a delivered product, please get in touch with us and we may talk about a mutual agreement. 

Your data will be stored for the purpose of the busines transaction only. However as the webservice is provided by a third party we cannot influence where in the world wide web process Data from you is collected and handled. We do our very best to keep us all safe.