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Little River Ukulele - handcrafted in Hawaii.

LitRiv_LitPRI.mp3 (809.47KB)
LitRiv_LitPRI.mp3 (809.47KB)

Dave Sigman, experienced Luthier is building very innovative but even classical Ukuleles on Big Island, Hawaii. Highest precision and estethic leads to fantastic instruments. An innovation is this beautiful headstock.

Obviously on this instrument, the story of "the little Prince" is the main theme. Dave crafted the story with high attention to every little detail onto the Uke upton customer request. It is a stunning peace of arts and craft.

The headplate with the strings lead thru tiny carbon tunnels to the back is a development of Dave. That leaves him plenty of space on the headplate for the inlay. On the back, Gotoh stealth tuners are doing a great job.

Back and sides are from beautifully structured Claro Walnut with a fantastic looking Sinker Redwood top. Top and Back binding from quilted maple, radiussed fretboard and hedplate bound with curly Koa.

The wise wood selection lead to a fantastic tone. Full of warmth with balanced heights and a fantastic sutain. The slim radiussed fretboard makes playing this ukulele a breeze.

It is a collector Uke but it want's to be played. You'll be rewarded with a fantastic sound and a lot of joy.

Instrument will be shipped in case and with a humidifier

Note: The redwood top had a crack from the bridge to the end but was professionally fixed. But it remains visible if you have know where to look at. We bought the instrumen from a collector and it comes - beside of the point with the top - in perfect condition.

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