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Ko'olau Ukulele - traditionally handcrafted Ukulele made in Hawaii.

The Instruments of Ko'olau are rare and belongs to the best of the world.

This one belongs to the CS model range. Top, back and sides are from PrimaVera wood (also known as "Kula" or "Gold Tree"). In regard of density this rare wood is somewher inbetween Mahagony and Spruce - but closer to spruce, making this instrument very light with a wide range of sound from warm to high. Thruout with a very clear projection. A great sounding instrument.

The binding on top and back ist from Hawaiian Koa. A black/blue/black purfling line ads a special touch to the instrumen. The rosette is also from Koa with the black/blue/black purfling.There is a blue flower inlay in the fretboard. The fretboard contains golden Evo frets and is slightly radiussed. Golden Gotoh Tuner take care the instrument is in tune.

This is one of the rarest instruments in the Ukulele market and is in all perspective a fantastic Ukulele. Well designed, perfect in tone and finish it provides lots of joy and a high degree of playability. Don't search any longer!