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I'Iwi Custom Ukulele - Hawaii.

I'Iwi Tenor Ukulele Hawaii Gold Series

One of our favourite Ukulele. A perfect Uke for every situation. Exceptionally well built, fantastic sound with perfect playability. The design is very special. Handcrafted by Ck. Fukuba on Hawaii. All solid golden Koa body. The special location of the soundholes enhances the projection and supports to get this amazing sound. Normally headstock veneer is from ebony - that's the only instrument we've seen with a Koa veneer. This instrument was built in 2014 and has been bought from a collector. Very rarely played it shows no signs of wear. It is in absolutely new condition. A very special custom Uke.
Rosettes are from Abalone. Dots and headplate inlay is from Abalone and Mother of pearl.

Iiwi_gold.mp3 (856.61KB)
Iiwi_gold.mp3 (856.61KB)

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