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Steve Grimes Ukulele & Guitars - Masterluthier USA

Steve Grimes is an acknowledged Masterluthier. His Guitars are played by many artists like Willy Nellson (as an example).

So it is no surprise, that this Custom Ukulele comes with an astonishing look and a fantastic tone and playability. The mastergrade Rosewood is the best we've ever seen. The binding is from curly Koa and the purfling is from Abalone. It takes more than one look to discover all the beauties and details of this masterpiece Ukulele. But the more you discover the more you fall in love with it.

grimes_rw.mp3 (879.88KB)
grimes_rw.mp3 (879.88KB)

Only the best materials available have been used for this custom build. We have never seen such a quality of Rosewood before and the Rodgers tuners are the Rolls Royce of tuners.

The tone is absolutly fabulous. The strait grained Rosewood creates an incredible clarity and is joined by the warmth of the Cedar top. The dynamic range is incredible.

This is a one of chance to own one of the very rare top of the top Ukulele. The material itself would have cost around 5000$ - and Steve made something fantastic out of it!

Solid case included

This Ukulele was preowned but is in as new condition